Shivanie Harripersad

Shivanie Harripersad

Shivanie Harripersad
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Shivanie Harripersad
Bollywood, Trinistyles
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Shivanie is the host of Joshilla on 103FM, which is aired on Saturdays from 6am to 10am. She presents the Top 20 International Countdown, a weekly feature compiled by the station’s top song requests. Shivanie has studied music, both vocal and instrumental, but she is too shy to sing or perform in public. Despite this though, she has no qualms talking in public! In fact, she started talking at eight months old… before she could even walk. (See why she’s destined to be on-air?). Shivanie is also part of 103FM’s Promotions Team and works hard behind the scenes ensuring the success of 103FM!