Rishi Ram

Rishi Ram
Birth name
Rishi Ramkissoon
Chutney Soca, Chutney, Bollywood, Trinistyles

Rishi Ram loves music and he loves people. A simple, but great way to describe this announcer who has been with the station for several years and is constantly adding to his legacy in the music industry. Rishi can be heard on 103FM on Wednesdays & Thursdays (6pm – 9pm) on Silsila, Friday nights (6pm – Midnight) on Sharbatt, Saturday nights (6pm – Midnight) on Angare and he presents The River Lime on (Sundays 2pm – 6pm). Rishi is an accomplished singer, having been in the local Indo-music industry for some time, singing with some of the top bands in the country. His great personality and humour makes him a dyanmic announcer and a great part of the 103FM Team!