National Awardees 2013

National Awardees 2013

The Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago: 

• Chief Justice Ivor Archie—Law

• His Excellency Makandal Daaga—Cultural Ambassador—National Service

• Prof Ramesh Deosaran—Professor Emeritus—Academics and National Service


The Chaconia Medal Gold

• Mr Jehue Gordon—Athlete—Sport

• Mr Justice Shafeyei Shah—Retired High Court Judge—Law

• Madam Justice Margot Warner—Retired Justice of Appeal—Law

• The Rt Rev Claude Berkley—Bishop of Trinidad and Tobago, Head of the Anglican Diocese—Religion and Education

• Mrs Valerie Stephenson Lee Chee—Senior Orisha Priestess—Religion

• Pundit Utham Maharaj—The Dharmacharya of Trinidad and Tobago—Religion

• Ms Pamela Nicholson—Retired Educator/Politician—Public Service

• Justice Wendell Neil Kangaloo (posthumously) —Retired Justice of Appeal—Law

• Mr John Humphrey—Former Politician and Legislator—Public Service and Community Service


The Chaconia Medal Silver

• Dr David Garth Toby—Medical Practitioner—Medicine

• Reverent Cecil Quamina—Senior Pastor—Religion


The Humming Bird Medal Gold

• Mr Louis B Homer (posthumously)—Journalist —Journalism

• Mr Theron Boodan—Retired Journalist/Editor —Journalism

• Mrs Lynette “Granny” Luces—Athlete—Sport

• Mr Shivannand Maharaj—Musician—Music

• Mr Earl Knight—Musician—Music

• Mr Ramesh Persad-Maharaj—Attorney-at-Law—Law and Religion

• Mr George Janoura—Businessman—Business

• Mr Shaheed Mohammed—Businessman—Business


The Humming Bird Medal Silver

• Mr Harbance Seejattan—Businessman—Business

• Mrs Ramragee Prabhoo—Artiste—Culture

• Mr John Jaglal—Trade Unionist—Labour


The Humming Bird Medal Bronze

• Mr David Anthony Chin Leung—Martial Arts Instructor—Sport

• Mr Hayden Dale Manwaring (posthumously)—Police Officer—Gallantry

• Mr Hubert Peter “Flagman” Diaz—Retired Police Officer—National Service

• Mr Shiv Bansraj—Labourer—Gallantry

• Mr Ganesh Bansraj—Construction Worker—Gallantry

• Mr John Julien—Painter—Gallantry

• Kiwanis Club of St Helena—Non-Governmental Organisation—Community Service


The Public Service Medal of Merit Gold

• Mr Steve Ravindra Budhooram—Medical Practitioner—Medicine

• Mr Roopdial Ramnarine—Retired Permanent Secretary—Public Service

• Mr Roy Rique—Media Productions Specialist—Public Service

• Mr Deo Bhagowtee—Attorney-at-Law—Public Service

• Mr Michael Samuel—Retired Principal—Education

• Mr Ronald Heeralal—Retired Commissioner of Valuations—Public Service


The Public Service Medal of Merit Silver

• Mrs Sita Dalkan-Pragg—Retired Public Servant—Public Service

• Mr Johnny Ramdular—Retired Public Servant—Public Service


The Medal for the Development of Women Gold

• Dr Indrani Rampersad—Pundit—Religion and Community Service

• Mrs Aileen Clarke—Public Servant—National Service

• Mrs Affieza Ogeer—President of the ASJA Ladies’ Association—Community Service