1)      What is your full name? Rishi Ramcharan

2)      What is your date of birth? 20th February 1979

3)      Where are you originally from? (Hometown) Couva

4)      Do you have any nicknames? Why so you can now start calling me that ? lolz…… ha ha

5)      What is your zodiac sign? Pieces

6)      What are three (3) things that you love? Sports, Happy People and my Family

7)      What is your favorite color, food, book and movie? Color – Green, Food – Curry, Authentic Indian and Chinese Noodles, Books – stuff by Steven King, Movie – IDK, Lots ( once there’s a sappy scene ) lolz

8)      Pet peeve? People who pretend.

9)      Biggest Fear? To Loose my Family

10)   Turn on/offs. Offs – People who are fake, Lie and use other people. On- People who go out of there way to make other people happy.

11)   How would you describe yourself?  Simple

12)   How would your coworkers describe you? Huh !!!!!! it depends on which on of them . lolz

13)   What has been your greatest success in broadcasting? Being able to touch the hearts of my listeners and bring comfort to those who need it……..share a musical smile.

14)   What is your greatest strength and weakness? Strength – Being able to build myself stronger after every disappoint and/or fall. Weakness – tea

15)   Who has the most influence in your life and why? God and My Mom

16)   What is in your CD player right now? An Instrumental of the finest love songs or just simply a cd of wow love chunes.

17)   If you weren’t an announcer, what would be your dream profession? Medical Doctor/Pilot.

18)   What is your funniest moment on-air?  Making mistakes that on a normal circumstance will be certainly inappropriate…… get it ……

19)   What is your most embarrassing moment on-air?  Oh Lawrd – we live moments to embarrass ourselves.

20)   What do you love most about your job? Playing a song and allowing our listeners hearts to be my choir, to dance…